LINKD Knowledge Ecology Matrix Graphic Description

Inner circle content:
Graphic with revolving arrows in the middle with the words "innovative use of web and mobile technology" in the center.

Outer circle content from upper left in a clockwise direction:

Upper left quadrant - Exploring: Individuals access and explore content. Broad array of resources are searchable and organized by audience, topic and type.Suuporting box content: Resource Collection, Assessment & Management System, NCWWI Website, Vimeo Channel, Workforce Development Portal (WDF)/MYNCWWI

Words between the quadrants: Self-Navigation

Upper right quandrant - Participating: Individuals access one another. Audiences connect with one another through targeted communities of practice.Supporting box content: Peer Communities (e.g., discussion forums, listervs, including IV-E support), National Distribution & Expert Contact Lists, Social Media/Blog (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Words between the quadrants: Connecting People

Lower right quandrant - Guiding: Individuals and/or groups are guided by experts using multiple strategies to apply knowledge and skills. Supporting box content: National Webinar Series & Cohort Webinars, Follow-up Learning Labs/Circles, Conference/Workshop Presentations